Dr. Justin Altman has been my vet for 4 years now and I will not go to anyone else. My dog, Red, is temperamental and kind of a grouch and does not like people touching his ears or messing with his face, this has always been a problem with previous vets but Dr. Altman took the time to understand Red’s temperament and made sure that we were comfortable and never pressured Red unless it was absolutely necessary. Dr. Ed Acosta stitched up Red’s ear in 2013 after a bite at dog beach and the stitches were superb, having had many dog bites myself and many stitches I have to say this was expert work, Red barely noticed the stitches and now the scar is barely visible. Dr. Altman and Dr. Acosta have earned my loyalty by treating Red with respect and tenderness that I have not seen from other vets. I am convinced they are in this business to care for animals unlike other vets that are after your money and the care of the animal is a secondary consideration. If you are thinking of changing veterinarians I would recommend Dr. Justin Altman and Dr. Ed Acosta to anyone. They have recently become the owners of the San Carlos Animal Hospital and you should give them a try.

– Ian G.

I have been taking my animals to Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman for almost 15 years.  They are both terrific!  I am very excited to see they moved and are now even closer and more centrally located for those of us who do not live on the coast.  They are a terrific addition to the neighborhood!

– Stacey J.

Dr. Justin Altman and Dr. Ed Acosta are simply fantastic.  They are both clearly knowledgeable and passionate about their work.  I would not want to see any other Veterinarian.  So much so that even though their old practice was within walking distance of my house I will now make the 20 minute commute to San Carlos Animal Hospital just to keep seeing them.  If you have a special little buddy in your life I would definitely recommend entrusting them to the care of Dr. Altman and Dr. Acosta.

– Michelle M.

I am so excited I found them! Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman! They have taken over the practice….They are amazing. I have a high needs doggie and an OCD kitty. I could not have made it through without them. They are the most caring veterinarians’ anywhere. Thank you both and we are glad you have found a new home! 😉

– Carole T.

I’m so glad Dr. Altman has joined this practice – he is an exceptionally knowledgeable and caring vet and I have trusted his care of my 3 dogs and senior cat for the past 6 years.  I really appreciate that Dr. Altman gets dog on the floor and meets with my dogs, he is very gentle with them and really takes the time to explain what treatments my pets need and why which is really helpful when deciding on the best care and within my budget. I have a senior cat who is starting to need more and more care and Dr. Altman has been realistic is what is best to keep my cat comfy and as healthy as possible and what we can hold off on, which I appreciated. A couple of years ago, I adopted a puppy who unknown to me was actually very sick, Dr. Altman stayed in constant contact with me over a 2 week period when the pup was so sick, he consulted with other specialty vets on treatment plans and when I needed to take the pup to the specialty hospital, he personally made all of the arrangements and made sure I understood what was going on.   Having his support during that tough time really helped during a very complicated time and showed how much he cares for my pets. It looks like the previous owners of this hospital were not so great to work with.  I know you will have an entirely different experience now that Dr. Altman and his partner Dr. Acosta are there.

– Teresa M.

Dr. Altman and Dr. Acosta are absolutely the best veterinarians ever. Extremely caring, experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. And they love our dogs and cats like they were their own. I would give them 10 stars but yelp only offers 5. Having recently relocated their practice to San Carlos, we’re wishing them well at their new address!

– Bonnie R.

San Carlos Animal Hospital has new management, and 2 new vets, Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman.  Both are awesome.  I brought my cat in for a checkup and to update his vaccinations.  Dr. Acosta gave him a thorough checkup.  The Doctor is wonderful and very personable.  He took the time to talk to us and really listened to what we had to say.  I am so glad that Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman have taken over this neighborhood practice.  My pets are in good hands!!!

– Mick C.

Happy to know the best veterinarians in the city of San Diego, Dr. Acosta & Dr. Altman have this new office! If you & your pets need a trust worthy, friendly & knowledgeable vet this hospital is the place!!

– Mary B.

New ownership, but we had good service from the previous staff for our cats too.  Anyway, great first checkup and vaccinations for our little feline fur ball and caring attentive support.

– Dave M.

SO great to see Dr. Acosta & Dr. Altman back in biz!!  As always, Dr. Acosta takes all the time without rushing the pet or the owner.  He’s so caring & is so knowledgeable. Best vet in the world!!!! A bit of a drive but well worth it.

– Priscilla C.

So happy to have found Dr. Acosta here after he relocated from a coastal hospital! He couldn’t be any kinder to my dog. Due to his breed, I’ve met vets who have been standoffish, but not Dr. Acosta. He gets down on the floor with him and talks soothingly to him. We went in most recently for his annual checkup. There was plenty of parking, almost no wait at all, and the facilities were clean and orderly. I had plenty of time to ask any questions I had and we received personalized care. I wouldn’t take my dog to anyone else! I highly recommend Dr. Acosta at his new location of San Carlos Animal Hospital.

– Sarah D.

The new owners of this hospital, Dr. Eduardo Acosta and Dr. Justin Altman, are amazing!!! I used to bring my pets to them at their previous clinic in Ocean Beach, I’m so glad to have found them again. I can unequivocally say that they are the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and compassionate doctors I have ever brought my beloved pets to. For years I felt that every vet I tried only wanted to hurry through appointments, run unnecessary tests and sell me products, but with these doctors you never feel like that. They answer all of my questions, explain everything in ways that I can understand, and even get down on the ground to examine my big dog, instead of making him nervous up on the exam table! Check these guys out immediately!!!

– Jessica M.

An amazing animal hospital and even more amazing staff! This place took care of my kitten like he was human and promised me the uttermost care! They were so kind and did an amazing job I couldn’t believe he was so calm. Dereck, their vet tech was so kind and my little Plato took ease to him right away! They have great prices for quality care and I recommend San Carlos Animal Hospital for all your pet’s needs! Thank you San Carlos!

– Branden P.

This practice was just taken over in February by Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman.  I’ve known both of these doctors for over a decade and can’t say enough good things about them.  You will not find more compassionate and thorough doctors.  As the founder of the Miracle Foundation I’m constantly asked for veterinarian referrals and these guys are by far my first choice for San Diego.

– Stephani R.

I was so excited to hear that Dr. Altman was now in my neighborhood.  He was highly recommended by the rescue that I just recently adopted my dog from and having someone close by that I can trust has brought me so much peace of mind.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a vet who is so thorough and takes so much time to go over everything.  I really feel like I found a partnership with a medical staff that cares just as much as I do about my animals.  I don’t think it gets better than this as far as vet’s go!!!  Thank you!!!

– Lanie M. 3/5/2014

100% excellent experience from the minute you walk in the door. The front desk staff and assistants are all very friendly, helpful, and informative. Dr. Acosta genuinely cares about our pet (dog) and really takes the time to determine what is the best course of action with treatment. We have a huge dog that doesn’t much like to be messed with and Dr. Acosta is always patient and loving with her. He is able to get her to warm up to him so he can do his work. This is something our previous vet was never able to do. Highly recommend.

– Nicole D.

Oh no! Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman moved out of OB!?!?… what am I to do? Hopefully, my animals don’t need a vet anytime soon… I need to find out where they went! ::::fast forward a few months:::: What’s this I hear? Dr.Acosta and Dr. Altman took over a place? And it’s not too far away? REJOICE!!! I am saved and my animals are happy!! Dr.Acosta has been my vet for over 10 years. I love how he is with animals and their owners. Funny, professional, caring, and sincere. This man loves what he does. He also sees exotics (birds, reptiles, etc.) which is awesome! Dr. Altman is a newer addition. He worked as a vet tech for Dr. Acosta back in the day- went to vet school- and now he’s back working with Acosta side by side! I’ve been seeing him as well for the last 3 years or so. He’s a great doctor- learned from the best! 😉 I trust both of these men with my animals and wallet 100%. What they say- goes. They won’t push any BS products on you and they won’t do unnecessary, expensive tests (unless you want them to….) The staff is friendly and professional. They make u feel confident and relaxed. I’m so glad I found them after they left OB! Totally worth the drive (which isn’t bad at all!)I just can’t say enough good things… once come here I’m sure you will feel the same way!

– Sierramarie B.

Drs. Acosta and Altman are up and running! For our pack of three canine girls it’s a bit of a drive to San Carlos but… it’s completely worth it! One of our girls gets car sick on longer drives so we were concerned that vet visits were going to be a messy situation, however, she was FINE on her first visit to get a booster this past week in their new office – so she approves the new venue! These two DVM’s are the best! Wonderful bedside manner, the best of care for our girls and their crew of veterinary assistants, office manager, reception crew and technicians is the best! They truly care for patients and their owners. Try them out – you’ll be sold and never go anywhere else — or as we have, you’ll go wherever they may be!

– C & W S.

I have been waiting patiently for Dr. Altman and Dr. Acosta to open their office. They are two of the ONLY vets that I trust with my furry kids. They’ve been compassionate, loving and caring from the passage of our beloved pets and embraced our new additions. Yes it’s out of the way but for the quality care, they are WORTH it!!!!! We’ve been with Dr. Acosta since his office was on Pt. Loma Ave and look forward to seeing them both. Wishing you both much success in your practice!!!

– Jillian R.

Whoohoo! I am so excited to have found these two again. DO NOT listen to the old reviews because as people have already mentioned this clinic is newly run by Dr. Acosta & Dr. Altman just since February and they are AWESOME! This is not one of those clinics where they are going to charge you an outrageous amount of money for unnecessary tests. I love their approach to medicine because they take their time to explain their recommendations and if available they will give you different options for how your pet can be treated. I like that they try to take a minimalistic/holistic type approach first as opposed to just tossing you out the door with a bunch of drugs. For instance, last week I brought my lab in with a pretty gross infection in one of her paws. She wasn’t painful on it at that point and so while most other vet would have handed me a bottle of antibiotics and moved onto the next patient, Dr. Acosta says, “how about if we start with some topical treatment and see how it does for a few days first”. He also gave me the option to pay for and take some oral antibiotics home OR just stop by to pick them up at a later date if I felt I needed them. I really appreciate him recommending the topical route first because if I don’t have to put my 11 year old dog on some expensive pills (that may or may not affect her liver) I’d much rather not. Sure enough, she wore her “lamp shade” (e-collar) around for a few days, I applied the prescribed spray twice a day and voila, a week later it is healed! My other dog is a BIG block headed blue pit and he has been seeing Dr. Acosta for 7 years now since I found him as an 8 week old puppy and he LOVES him! Every time Dr. Acosta walks into the exam room he goes over and gives him big kisses and Dr. Acosta will come down to his level and give him lots of love back. My pit has had ACL surgeries on both his back legs so I brought him along for a routine checkup and to get some anti-inflammatory meds (that I only give him after long hikes or a big day at the beach). It turns out the name brand medicine the surgeon prescribed us was A LOT more expensive then a very similar generic brand of drug used for the same purpose. Dr. Acosta was nice enough to break out the cost difference for me and buying the generic brand saved me $100 that day and it has been just as effective. With that said, again, if I wanted to stick to the name brand he had no problem selling it to me, but he gave me the information and then let me make the decision. Oh also, it’s funny because when we try to leave the clinic my pitbull literally pulls backwards as if he doesn’t want to go out of the exam room and/or the front door. It cracks everyone in the waiting room up when he puts on the breaks to try to stay longer in the hospital. He’ll just sit wagging his tail, staring at the exam rooms because he knows he gets to see his favorite vet. Okay well I’ve gone on and on now, 🙂 but again I’m just very happy to have found Dr. Acosta & Dr. Altman again. It works out well for me because they are closer now at this location, but even if it was a longer commute, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend you give them a try!

– Danielle P.

Dr. Acosta has been treating my pets, which include lizards and dogs, for about 11 years. He is the gold standard to which all vets should be compared. He has such a kind and caring manner and is always honest and sincere. What I appreciate most about him is that he takes time to explain what’s going on and then discusses several treatment options. He is never pushy or condescending, and is always happy to see his patients. He is also incredibly knowledgeable and a phenomenal surgeon. He truly cares about his patients and goes well above what is expected to care for them. I’m so glad I found his new practice. You rock Dr. Acosta!

– Sarah S.

Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman are the best! This is our rescue’s vet and we are so grateful to be able to work with them. We are able to get last minute appointments and excellent care for our dogs. It is clear that Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman are very passionate about their work. Not sure what our rescue group would do without these awesome vets at San Carlos Animal Hospital!

– Ashley C.

Dr. Altman is a wonderful and caring vet. He listened to what I said and was always checking in to see how we were doing. Didn’t over charge or add unnecessary items.  I felt price wise it was the going rate with a honest vet.  Glad I was referred to them.

– Karen S.

Took my cat in for an initial exam and shots.  Can’t say enough about everyone we came in contact with and was very pleased with Dr. Parish who was very kind and gentle. She spent a lot of time with us and I didn’t feel rushed like I have at other places.  Prices were good and I am very happy to have a great vet in the area.  I am very particular about my animals and highly recommend San Carlos Animal Hospital.

– Mary Ellen S.

I’ve been going to Dr. Altman for about 5 years now.  Before Dr. Altman, I went to several vets and never really was crazy about any of them.  My golden retriever had skin allergies, arthritis, and ended up having 2 ACL surgeries (not Dr. Altman, for the surgeries, but he does help monitor the recovery).  He helped manage all of these issues.  Prior vets never really helped her.  Dr. Altman is 1)  Knowledgeable 2) honest- he hasn’t recommended anything my dog doesn’t need 3) nonjudgmental  – I always feel he respects my decisions 4) friendly, easy to  talk to and understand and just a good soul.  I am pretty anal when it comes to my dog (aren’t we all?) and he’s never disappointed me.  He even taught me how to do my own adequan injections so I didn’t have to keep coming in for vet visits all of the time- which was awesome. As for Dr. Acosta- I have seen him a couple of times.  He handled my dog exceptionally well and was super nice, but all of my big issues were dealt with by Dr. Altman.Prices here are competitive with other places in town if you do your research.  The staff is outstanding. Yes.  Fantastic. So, I too was bummed to hear that Dr. Altman left OB but one quick google search and I was excited to find he was still in SD.  I found that there is a world east of the 5.  I had no idea where San Carlos was, but it’s not that far and totally worth it.

– Wendy E.

So glad that Dr Altman has found a new animal hosipital to call home!  It’s a bummer not being able to just walk down the street to the vet anymore but it’s well worth it to take my dog and cat to a vet that truly cares and that I can trust with my animals and my money.

– Taylor R.

My dog Rocky was terribly ill and beginning to truly suffer, it was time to let him go.  After calling a few places a friend recommended San Carlos Animal Hospital, she knew about the doctors from their prior practices. This was a terrible time to make an initial appointment, but everything was handled speedily and with great tenderness.  I was so impressed with the office staff and medical professionals, both my old beloved dog and I were treated with care and respect.  I can’t say enough about this first visit and my experience of the service here, I will definitely be back with my other pets.

– Linda C.

We lost our rotty Angel to bone cancer. She was with us for over 12 years. We miss you girl! After moving to San Diego, we found Dr. Altman through a referral. Angel just loved going to see him. Every time we’d say “gonna go see Dr. Altman”, she would toss her head and just about dance over to the car.   She connected with him and would perk up as soon as we arrived at the office. Dr. Altman did a thorough evaluation which included lots of attention and hugs. He would use the hug time to examine her back legs which were full of plates and pins. He took a holistic approach to her quality of life.  He reworked her medications and gave us guidance to improve her overall condition.  Angel was strong and content all the way to the end. When her time came, Dr. Altman drove over 40 miles to our home to take care of her. If anyone is looking for a fantastic vet in the San Diego Area, I can’t say enough good things about him.

– Lynn W.

San Carlos Animal Hospital is a great veterinarian clinic. They will provide amazing care for your animals. I have taken my animals to Dr. Acosta for 10 years and fully trust and value him as a vet. He has excellent clinical judgement and a caring, compassionate nature. The practice is not out to overcharge or take your last dime, but to recommend only the care that is needed for your friend. Dr. Altman is also an amazing and knowledgeable vet who helped and supported us when we had to make hard decisions with our two elderly cats in the past couple of years. Unfortunately, we recently moved out of California and we will miss this practice, staff and vets tremendously! If you live in the San Diego area you must take your pets to this animal hospital, you will not be disappointed!

– Ezekiel S.

OH MY GOODNESS! You guys do not know how long I have been searching for Dr. Acosta since he left his old location. I literally would google his name every few months because I was SO SO SO sad and disappointed he left then one day his name popped up at a new clinic (here) right down the street from my house!! I was so thrilled seeing as how I used to drive 30 minutes out to see him and now he’s less than 5!I don’t trust anyone else with my animals and I can finally feel at ease again! Over two-three years ago, my first dog was battling kidney failure and I was heartbroken and going through one of the hardest times of my life. I would come see Dr. Acosta very frequently and he would never rush me out, he’d talk me through everything and in fact, if I was desperate to see him, he would even make time at the end of his day.He will never try to up-sell you anything and TRULY cares about both you and your pet!! I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

– Olia M.

Thank you all for your wonderful service! We had to put our Lynxsy down suddenly yesterday which needless to say felt like a knife in our heart but you all were patient and so understanding, we wanted to thank you! She had made such a powerful connection with each one of us in my family (and I have had cats before but not like this one and probably never again) and we love and miss her so much so again thank you for helping us through this!

– Debi S.

We’ve been going to San Carlos animal hospital for years and are always satisfied with the care our animals receive.  Dr. Acosta recently bought the practice and we love him.  He is an excellent caring vet and we could not be happier with him.  All the techs are great, and the front office staff are always helpful and polite.  I would recommend this very hospital to anyone who wants the best care for their pet.

– Lori S.

How can I explain how happy and relieved I am to have found Dr. Acosta and many of my favorites from the OB practice again?? The funny thing is, I didn’t actually find them at San Carlos, my husband saw Robin and Dr. Altman at a restaurant and I RAN after them! And I’d keep running after them if necessary.I very much respect Dr. Acosta’s treatment and professional relationship with our animals. When I first met him at his previous facility, I knew he was the vet for our family as soon as he came into the treatment room. Our Eng. Bulldog had a terrible lung infection and was sick and feeling horrible. He came in and sat on the floor, she sat in his lap and licked his face and he was our vet.As of this review, I suspect we’re very close to the end of our cat’s life. She’s a sweet old love, and I would hate to have any other vet by our side.Specifically, he’s very generous with his time. He’s never rushed me off the phone or out the door. Instead, on my last visit he sat and engaged me in a discussion about her prognosis. He answers every question and explains things well. He considers my opinions for the care of our animals and values my observations in her behavior and appearance. He runs through treatment options and the option of letting her go without pain and with dignity. He’ll say things like “I’ve thought about what I’d do if she were my cat…”  I feel that he respects my decisions about her treatment. Both of our animals like him, too, and they always have. He’s gentle with both of them in a way that gets them to cooperate with him.So much more to say, but if you haven’t gotten the point by now, I really can’t help you! Read the rest of the reviews and get in the line of patients who’re following him  and Dr. Altman from their old practice.

– Kim P.

I visited this place because my foster dog is sneezing a lot. Dr. Acosta was so nice! He was examining the dog and the dog kept moving and getting in the way; I asked the doc if he wanted me to help manage him, and he said, “no, we’ll do it in his [the dog’s] time,” and he stopped examining and just let the dog lick his face for a few seconds! How sweet is that? :)The vet tech was also nice. I would bring my dog back here again!

– Kelly O.

I brought two kitties in today with signs of ear mites. Dr. Acosta and his assistant Derek did a great job with us. One of our cats was pretty upset about being at the vet, but the Dr. was super patient. He allowed our cat to get more comfortable and smell the stethoscope first. He was very complementary about our kitties which I thought was nice since they see pets all day long. He seemed to sincerely enjoy his job.  We’ll be back with our other pets. I’m so glad we found this great animal hospital.

– Sahara A.

Dr. Altman is such a great vet!I drive from Bay Park to bring my animals to him because he is so very thorough and considerate. I always feel like my animals are getting the best possible care.If you’re looking for a caring and trustworthy veterinarian please come see Dr. Altman at the San Carlos Animal Hospital.

– Christine H.

We followed Drs. Acosta and Altman here from another veterinary hospital near the beach. The care we have received from them at the previous hospital and this new location far exceeds any other vet we’ve tried.The doctors offer the latest in veterinary medicine as well as good old fashioned know how. The techs and staff are knowledgeable and caring and I feel at home with all of them.This new location is clean and offers all the equipment to care for our giant breed dog and 2 cats. They also have a full online pharmacy that delivers to my home in case of recurring prescriptions.All in all, we love these guys and feel like they are part of the family.

– Elizabeth C.

We could not recommend Dr. Altman, Dr. Acosta and all of the staff more. When we moved across country with 2 aging black labs Dr. Altman took such good care of them and truly cared about both of them through their final years. He went above and beyond and would spend time on the phone easing our worries and talking through all options. Now they care for our vizsla who is a little neurotic but they take such good care of him. The doctors and staff couldn’t be more friendly and accommodating and we highly recommend them all. We are so happy we were able to find them and follow them from OB.

– Trevor C.

I recently came to San Carlos Animal Hospital, on a recommendation from a friend. My baby has allergies and had been suffering for a while, I was not happy with our old vet, they were very cold, and my little love bug deserves a warm, caring, and passionate doctor.  We found just that with Dr. Acosta and all of the staff at San Carlos Animal Hospital.  I would highly recommend this practice to anyone that loves their pet like family.

– Andrea N.

We absolutely love SAN CARLOS ANIMAL HOSPITAL. Dr. Altman is our doc. He is very caring and kind to my pups. I feel very confident that my furbabies are in excellent care.I am so glad I found SAN CARLOS ANIMAL HOSPITAL. I won’t take my pups anywhere else!

– Donna A.

San Carlos Animal Hospital is a great place to bring your pets. They always give top notch veterinary care and really seem to care about what’s best for your pet rather than what will get them the most money. They are very considerate of your wishes and will tell you what they think is best, but ultimately let you make your own decision for what you feel is best for your pet. I have been taking my cat to see Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman since we got her in 2001, and she has always gotten the best treatment from them. They are wonderful, skilled doctors and I always enjoy going to see them. I have also seen their third doctor, Dr. Parish, a few times. She is always very sweet and takes time to make sure my cat is healthy or figure out what’s wrong with her when she’s sick.  I live about 15 miles away from them, but am happy to make the drive out there to make sure I get the best veterinary care. Their prices are very reasonable for such wonderful service, and the staff is always very welcoming and attentive.

– Kenzie S.

Josh is probably the nicest guy I’ve talked in a long time. He walked me through what I should do with finding a stray cat. Very nice and helpful! If only I kept the cat, I would of brought him in for a check up for sure!

– Amy L.

We were very impressed with the service we received. The technicians were very good with our cat and handled him very gently. Dr. Acosta was great. He took the time to examine our cat carefully and explain the treatment options to us. In addition, his charges were reasonable. We will definitely be having all of our pets treated by Dr. Acosta in the future!

– Brenda M.

I just want to say first off that the staff at San Carlos Animal Hospital, and the doctors of course, are what makes this facility so enjoyable each time I visit. They’re ALL very professional, but have the ability to make you feel so at ease and comfortable that its as if they’re family helping family. I’ve never felt so welcomed, nor my pets in such good, wholesome hands as I have before. I’ve been to a few other offices in the past including the previous one Dr. Acosta and Dr. Altman worked at and I have to say, nothing compares to them being here. I re-discovered, so-to-speak, Dr. Acosta once I heard that he had moved his practice farther out. Although its convenient not to travel, I will never take my pets to any other facility. I will drive the extra distance and struggle through traffic just to be welcomed by the many smiling, happy and welcoming faces at San Carlos Animal Hospital. Prices are perfect, just comparing to other places and the quality of service. The staff is fantastic and takes each appointment with the utmost care and attention. They truly are here for you and your pets and not for the money. They all have charisma, they’re never in a bad mood, and they can always make you smile or laugh. These are TRUE animal lovers with a PASSION for helping our “furry-kids”. I will never go anywhere else and I recommend that you give them a try.

– Caitlyn C.

Was so glad to hear that Dr. Ed Acosta had opened up shop here…I’ll follow him anywhere he goes.  The level of care and love that we receive from Dr. Ed has been unmatched from anyone.  I would not consider bringing my pup anywhere else. The level of attention and professionalism provided have made vet visits a pleasant and welcomed experience since we’ve found you…great job, Dr. Acosta!

– Patrick S.

So I took in a friends cat named Otis that was 21 years old. I knew he wasn’t doing to good at his age, but I wanted to try and see what could be done. I was only able to take him to San Carlos Animal Hospital about three times before he passed away, but Dr. Altman handled everything so well. I was afraid they would tell me that it would just be better to put him to sleep, but in the beginning I didn’t feel Otis was ready for that- he still had life left in him. Dr. Altman was really good about working with me on getting Otis what he needed without causing me financial strain. He was also amazing at dealing with Otis, Otis actually liked him!! However, while staying positive Dr. Altman didn’t sugar coat what was really going on or the possibility of having to put Otis down, and I appreciated that. Unfortunately my baby took a sudden turn for the worst and died in his sleep. San Carlos Animal Hospital not only helped me put Otis to rest, but they donated money in his name to an organization that helps abused animals, and sent me a card signed by the staff. I haven’t been able to bring myself to get another cat, but when I do I will bring it here.

– Karlie B.

Dr. Acosta is the best vet ever! He has a wonderful, caring attitude toward my cats. I’ve been to several vets and have never found one as wonderful as Dr. Acosta. I highly recommend him without any reservation. He has cared for my cats for quite a few years now. My little ones have always been given the best treatment! We are lucky to have him in San Carlos!

All the best,

– Susan S.